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Learn for a lifetime

Reach a destination for lifelong learning. Get connected with the 19 public K-12 schools and seven private schools. We’re also home to National American University, Minneapolis Business College and the American Academy of Acupuncture.

Residents also like to keep on learning through our active Community Education program. In fact, Roseville is recognized as a national leader in Community Ed. And for those of you who would enjoy knowing more about how your city operates, check out, Roseville University.)

The Roseville Housing and Redevelopment Authority strives to meet your housing needs by bringing the best resources to your doorsteps. From the “Living Smarter” Fair to workshops that help you improve your home and ensure we together preserve quality neighborhoods in our community.

Your resources

  • Get connected with Roseville Schools

    Roseville is divided between two school districts consistently ranked among the best in the state: Mounds View School District 621 and Roseville Area School District 623.

  • Check out upcoming events in Roseville

    Each year Roseville hosts a variety of exciting events and community festivals that provide both entertainment and educational experiences for both local residents and visitors. View this calendar to find out what events are coming up soon.

  • LEED responsibly

    Ramsey County Library deliberately included environmental and economical design elements in the Roseville library renovation. Visit the library for first hand experience and take similar actions at home.

    Engage in community education

    Each year the Roseville Area School District offers a variety of adult enrichment classes that are educational and entertaining. With a mix of cultures and languages in our area, community education connects with our diverse families.

Upcoming events


Get a behind-the-scenes look at your local city government. Apply today to attend Roseville University. Roseville U promises you insights into the day-to-day world of City Hall.