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    Remember, the most environmentally friendly and affordable square foot of your home is the one you don't build. Look at ways to optimize use of your existing space and meet remodeling needs first. more
  • Replace the Exterior of Your Home Make your home more comfortable, durable, airtight & efficient. The shell of your home should be durable, functional, and beautiful while also being sustainable. more
  • Update the Interior of Your Home Indoor environment is critical to our well-being. From wall and floor finishes, surfaces to energy use, there are many ways to make a home healthier for your family. more
  • Other Spaces Whether your considering remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or basement, that's a smart move. These spaces are as critical to your healthy home environment as your living room or bedroom. more

A way to create a healthier home and a more sustainable lifestyle

Maybe you're a new homeowner ready to knock down walls and refinish floors to make your new house a home, or maybe you've been settled for quite some time and your home could use a fresh look. No matter why you've decided to remodel your home, this Plan Book, developed by the Roseville Housing & Redevelopment Authority and Family Housing Fund, will optimize the results of your remodeling investment. Green remodeling is not only the sustainable, environmentally conscious updating of your home, it's also the way to create a healthier home for your children, ease utility bill burdens, and create a home that's built to last.

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"THIS resource can help you figure out what to do around the house to help you live healthier."
LISC, Twin Cities
"my girl scouts found your resources to be so helpful while they were working to earn their Go Green badges."
Girl Scouts, Lexington, Kentucky
"THIS resource can help you figure out what to do around the house to help you live healthier."
Erika, Roseville

Before you remodel, assess your home

As you approach green remodeling projects, ask yourself questions using the General Sustainability Concepts listed throughout this Plan Book. Consider the tradeoffs and weigh the green attributes of each product to determine which meet your needs.


Selecting a green neighborhood

Take your personal green remodeling interest to a larger scale and make your neighborhood a more sustainable, environmentally friendly community. Be an advocate for improvement and encourage others to take part in more sustainable habits.


Resources, links & organizations

These resources will help you access more information about the concepts and models for greening your home. Check out a variety of organizations that offer financing programs and expert asistance in your remodeling initiatives.