Boards & Commissions

The city has seven citizen advisory commissions and one board that review specific areas of interest and provide advice to the city council. If you’re looking to make a positive change in Roseville, we encourage you to apply to become a City of Roseville Commissioner.

Commissioners serve as advisors to our City Council and City staff. No experience is needed; training and onboarding is part of learning how to become an effective commission member.

A common misperception is that commission applicants must be experts in order to join one of the city’s Commissions. There are many other strengths that will add value to our commissions.

Perhaps the most valuable assets that you can bring to the community as a commissioner – your voice and your time.

Commission Openings:

Do you want to help decide how we develop vacant lots in the city? Do you have ideas on how we can better protect the environment and keep our community connected? The City announced vacancies on the Planning and Variance Commission, and Public Works, Environment and Transportation (PWET) Commissions. Learn more about both of these commissions, and lend your voice to the City decision-making process.

Planning and Variance

Public Works, Environment and Transportation

  • Application Deadline: Friday, September 9, 2022
  • Interviews: Tuesday, September 13
  • Appointments: Monday, September 19, 2022
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All Commissions

  • Ethics
  • Finance: The Finance commission’s role is to advise on short-term and long-term financial policy matters, including but not limited to cash reserve funds, budgets, financing, and capital replacement policies. 
  • Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission: The Roseville Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters of human rights, inclusion and engagement.
  • Parks and Recreation: The Roseville Parks and Recreation Commission is an advisory committee that makes recommendations to the Director of Parks and Recreation, the City Manager and the Roseville City Council on all matters relating to parks and recreation programs, facilities and services.
  • Planning: The Planning Commission (and Variance Board) identifies and addresses issues concerning development plans, policies, and specific applications. The group offers recommendations to the city council for final action on planning cases.
  • Police Civil Service: The Police Civil Service Commission reviews employment practices and objectively monitors and makes determinations as authorized by state statute.
  • Public Works, Environment and Transportation: The Public Works, Environment and Transportation Commission advises the City Council, City Manager and the Director of Public Works on matters pertaining to public works infrastructure, connectivity, and environmental sustainability. 

The Variance Board include members of the Planning Commission. 

Youth Commissioners

The City of Roseville has opportunities for youth applicants to serve on advisory commissions. 

High School students who reside in the city of Roseville and are under the age of 18 can serve as a youth commissioner on any of the city's advisory commissions. Youth commissioner terms are 1-year in length and run from September 1 through August 31.


The Variance Board include members of the Planning Commission.