Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System


The City of Roseville is soliciting proposals from qualified firms who specialize in local government software to provide a full range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications that include software, conversion and implementation services, initial and ongoing training, technical support, compliance with State and Federal mandated requirements and ongoing enhancements.

Ideally, the City would like to acquire these software modules as one integrated solution from a single vendor. The City expects to achieve substantial gains in productivity, efficiency and accuracy through the implementation of a new ERP system. In addition, the City seeks to minimize internal support costs by utilizing up-to-date technology. The City believes it has a responsibility to its citizens to stay current with technology and to offer e-government services to our residents and businesses. By procuring an integrated ERP system, The City seeks to position itself as a leading-edge local governmental entity utilizing innovative technology to deliver better service to our constituents.

The City will evaluate all “cloud” or “hosted” environment options. Please supply software and services pricing with all these options in mind. Please include a detailed list of all recommended hardware and third party software requirements. Also, please include a budget estimate for any hardware and third party software components. The City reserves the right to procure these components on its own if it decides upon a hosted solution.

Project Summary

The City of Roseville, incorporated in 1948, is located in Western Ramsey County, with an estimated 2021 population of 35,566. The City is located 15 minutes north of both downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. Each year the City employs over 247 full-employees (including part-time/seasonal positions) that provide a full range of services, including police and fire protection; construction and maintenance of streets, and other infrastructure; and recreational activities and cultural events. The City also operates 5 enterprises: water, sewer, storm water, street light utilities and one golf course, Roseville Cedarholm Golf Course. The City also operates the Roseville Economic and Development Authority.

The City has been operating on a legacy system that lacks certain features that are now standard in any state-of-the art system. It is the City’s intention that the selected Vendor shall provide project management, technical installation expertise, training and consulting to help alleviate employee stress and speed employee acceptance and usage of the new system.

Inquiries concerning this procurement including questions related to technical issues are to be directed to: Joshua Kent - Assistant Finance Director

Email: joshua.kent@cityofroseville.com / Phone: 651-792-7031

All questions concerning the RFP must reference the RFP page number, section heading and paragraph. Please state the question as concisely as possible. All questions regarding this RFP must be received via email no later than 11:00 AM on September 23, 2022. Final RFP submissions are due by 4:00 PM on September 30, 2022

Proposers are directed specifically to not contact any other the staff other than specified personnel identified above for any purpose. Unauthorized contact of any personnel may be cause for rejection of the proposer’s RFP response.

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All proposers must complete the City of Roseville ERP Software Questions Form and submit with proposal.