Civic Campus Master Plan

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The Civic Campus Pre-Design Project

In 2022, the City completed the preliminary design for the campus master plan.  The final report was adopted October 10, 2022, by the City Council. This plan was the next step in the process based on the Civic Campus Master Plan Study completed in 2021. 

Tasks included in the Pre-Design project included detailed space needs, working with project stakeholders to define project scope, updated cost estimates, and defining a proposed schedule and phasing for future design and construction.

Civic Campus Pre-Design Study

Civic Campus Master Plan Study

The City of Roseville has developed a civic campus master plan to provide an overall strategy for the City’s civic campus.  This allows the City to have an overall vision as it looks to replace existing buildings and build new facilities on the Campus.  The plan had these primary goals:

  • Address space needs with recommendations for facility sizing, renovations, and growth.
  • Support functionality with recommendations for key adjacencies.
  • Provide clear and convenient access for citizens with revised planning of key service areas and parking.
  • Enhance the overall quality of place, indoors and out, with an overall vision for a unified civic campus.  

The Civic Campus Master Plan was approved by the City Council on Monday, April 12, 2021, during the regular City Council meeting.

Civic Campus Master Plan - Final

Proposed Pre-Design Site Plan

Future Tasks

The current project is on hold until funding is identified.  You are encouraged to sign up for project updates as they become available.