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The Opt-In program in the City of Roseville, in partnership with Eureka Recycling, encourages recycling for small businesses and places of worship. These organizations can collect a higher volume of recycling than residential carts and smaller than commercial containers. The program offers single sort recycling collection to promote recycling in these organizations. To do so, each place of worship or small business must be able to have recyclables collected in 95 gallon recycling carts. The cost for recycling each quarter is charged on the organization’s water bill or through an invoice.  More information about pricing can be found in the form to sign-up: “Opt-In Form 2019.”

Benefits of Opt-In

The Opt-In program has many benefits, and two large ones are the potential for reduction of waste costs and environmental efficacy.

Many organizations in Ramsey County have found that using this program has greatly lowered the cost of waste management. In Ramsey County, trash services are taxed at 70%. That means for every $100 of trash that is serviced, $70 is also paid toward taxes. Recycling is not taxed at all. The price to recycle is the only cost that will occur. 

Opt-In Recycling Cost Savings

Recycling in your business markets your services as more environmentally conscious and in places of worship

as stewards of this world. Diverting recycling from landfills and incinerators decreases the amount of natural resources used in production, saves energy, and increases the life of your products. For businesses in a continually increasing pro-environment market, recycling can be a helpful marketing factor that attracts customers and clients. For places of worship, recycling has the potential to build community through educational programs, increased membership, and is promoting responsible stewardship of this planet.

For more information and help with your organization's recycling, visit:


Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Waste Wise Foundation

What Material Can be Recycled?

Attached below is the graphic from Eureka Recycling for accepted materials. These guidelines are the same as residential collection, so more information can also be found on the Roseville Website under What to Recycle and also includes what should be left out of the cart.

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