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The Roseville Police Department has a rich history of hiring and training great officers. The department takes pride in the professionalism of each and every employee. RPD strives to find candidates who possess a strong work ethic, high moral character, and a sincere desire to serve. Working for the Roseville Police is more than a job—It’s a challenging and rewarding career. Roseville currently has 54 sworn officers. Its officers handle more than 100 calls each day on average. If you’re the kind of person who thrives in challenging environments, you’re just the kind of person we are looking for.

The Roseville Police Department is committed to the professional growth of its employees. After completing field training, each officer is assigned a mentor. Officers continually receive training to meet the demands of the changing world and the expectations of our community. Roseville officers average more than 100 hours of continuing education each year, including training in use of force, leadership development, firearms, traffic enforcement, vehicle operations/PIT, investigations, interviewing and mental health/de-escalation. The department offers tuition reimbursement for officers interested in pursuing additional or advanced degrees. If you’re looking for a long-term career with continued professional growth, you’re just the kind of person we are looking for.
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Police Officer Hiring Process

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Continuous Recruitment of Lateral Hires

Apply to join our team at any time if you’ve been a police officer for at least one year and have POST licensing in good standing or are POST eligible. Signing bonus of up to $10k, elevated starting pay, and front-loaded vacation and sick time will be available for all experienced officers. Prior law enforcement experience will be considered for promotional and specialty opportunities. Apply here.
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RPD offers a full benefits package prioritizing officer wellness, as well as competitive wages and hiring bonuses ($5k for entry level and $10k for lateral transfers). Learn more

Specialty Positions

RPD provides its officers with a wide variety of opportunities for career advancement. Learn more
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Why Roseville?

With Roseville’s close proximity to both Minneapolis and St. Paul, it is a busy, vibrant community. Learn more

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Core Values

Core Values

Review the guiding principles of the Roseville Police Department.
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Department Diversity

The Roseville Police Department strives to maintain a diverse workforce that reflects our community. Learn more