Frogs and Toads

MN has 14 different species of frogs and toads. While all frogs and toads share similar characteristics, each species has a unique appearance and mating call.

According to the MN Department of Natural Resouces (MNDNR), "Their [frogs and toads] presence is an indication that we are doing a good job of preserving wetland habitat and water quality. Conversely, when toads and frogs disappear, it could mean the ecosystems that sustain them are ailing."
Spring Peeper
What is Roseville doing to track Frogs and Toads in our City?
In conjunction with the MN Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) Roseville Volunteers track and record frog and toad calls at the following locations: 
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The tracking logs are submitted to the MNDNR as part of the Minnesota Frog and Toad Calling Survey (MFTCS).