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Upper Villa Park Stormwater Infiltration and Reuse

Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD), in partnership with the City of Roseville, led this project. The purpose of the project was to treat stormwater and store it for use as irrigation on the softball field at Upper Villa Park.  The project protects Lake McCarrons and the Villa Park Wetland System by capturing the pollutants transported in urban stormwater such as Total Phosphorus (TP), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), heavy metals, and petroleum products, among others.  The combined system includes a series of underground infiltration pipes that will reduce runoff from the surrounding neighborhood, and a cistern that stores rainwater for irrigation.

The system also uses an emerging technology to actively manage the level of water in the cistern.  Software is programmed to communicate with weather forecasts and level sensors within the rainwater cistern.  An automated valve will drain the cistern into the underground infiltration pipes prior to a rain storm so it can capture more stormwater.  The valve will close after a storm and fills the cistern to provide water for irrigation of the softball field.  The system will save up to 1.3 million gallons of drinking water by capturing and using runoff.  

Contractor:  New Look Contracting

Completed:  June 2016

Upper Villa Stormwater Reuse Project Sign

Upper Villa Stormwater Reuse Project Sign

Storm Trap Installation

Storm Trap Installation

Contech Installation

Contech Installation
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