2018 Budget Information

Final Budget and Tax Levy Hearing Dec. 4

The Roseville City Council will hold its final hearing on the 2018 budget and tax levy on Monday, December 4. The meeting represents the final chance for residents to weigh in on the 2018 budget.

The final 2018 budget vote is set for Monday, December 11, the last scheduled council meeting of the year.

Did You Know?

All Roseville City Council meetings are open to the public and include time for public comment. Meetings are held at Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Dr., and begin at 6 p.m. Meetings are also shown live on cable channel 16 in Roseville and streamed live on the Internet. A video archive of City Council meetings is also available.
Residents unable to attend the meeting but who wish to provide the city council with their thoughts on the budget may do so by emailing city.council@cityofroseville.com or completing a city council contact form at www.cityofroseville.com/council.

Council meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. at Roseville City Hall, 2660 Civic Center Drive. Meetings are open to the public. Meetings are web-streamed live at www.cityofroseville.com/webstreaming and shown on Cable Channel 16.

City Council Approves Preliminary Budget, Tax Levy - Sept. 25, 2017

The Roseville City Council has approved a preliminary property tax levy increase of 6.4 percent for 2018. The 6.4-percent increase to the levy is now the maximum amount the City Council can raise the 2018 tax levy. State statute requires cities to adopt a preliminary tax levy and budget by September 30 for the upcoming fiscal year. Once the preliminary levy is adopted it can be lowered, but not increased.
The recommended 2018 budget is $54,239,230, an increase of $2,275,495 or 4.4 percent. The budget includes $30,443,715 in property tax-supported programs, with $23,795,515 planned for non-property tax-supported items. 

The 2018 property tax levy approved by the council to fund the budget is $20,756,100. It is an increase of $1,243,040 compared to the 2017 levy, but due to a shift in the tax base toward commercial properties, the portion of the increase realized by homeowners will be less than previous years.

The impact on residents will vary depending on a property’s value and change in value relative to other properties in the city. Based on an expected property value increases, the median-valued Roseville home of $236,900 can expect to pay approximately $78.10 per month in 2018, an increase of $2.13.

City Manager Presents 2018 Recommended Budget - August 28, 2017

City Manager Patrick Trudgeon presented the 2018 recommended budget at the Monday, August 28 City Council meeting. The presentation provided the City Council and public with details about the proposed operating and capital budget for the City and subsequent property tax impact.

For the past several months, Roseville City Council and staff have been listening to constituents, reviewing budgets, and prioritizing community needs. This process formed the basis for the proposed 2018 budget.
The primary goal when formulating the budget is to provide residents and businesses with the needed, necessary, and desired services in the most efficient way while limiting the amount of financial burden to taxpayers.

The 2018 budget recommended by Trudgeon totals $54,239,230, an increase of $2,275,495 or 4.4 percent. The budget includes tax-supported expenditures, funded in part or in full by property taxes, of $30,443,715, and non-tax supported outlays of $23,795,515, which primarily originate from fee-based revenue sources.

The 2018 recommended property tax levy required to fund the preliminary budget is $20,175,505 and includes both residential and commercial properties in Roseville. It is an increase of $662,445 or 3.4 percent compared to the 2017 levy.

Despite the increase in the tax-supported portion of the budget, there is good news for Roseville homeowners, who will actually pay less in City taxes in 2018.

Ramsey County has informed the City that Roseville’s overall tax capacity is projected to grow at 8.4 percent. Since the median single-family home value in Roseville only increased 4.3 percent compared to the overall tax capacity growth a significant shift in the tax burden has moved to non-single family properties for the upcoming budget cycle.

The overall tax capacity increase for Roseville will result in the owner of a median valued single-family home valued at $236,900 paying a total of $2.52 less in 2018 for city (non-EDA) taxes compared to 2017.

The City Council, which provided staff with its budgetary goals at the Council’s July 17 meeting, will spend the next several weeks reviewing the recommended budget. State statute requires cities to adopt a preliminary tax levy and budget by September 30 for the upcoming fiscal year. The Council will consider the preliminary budget and tax levy (also known as the not-to-exceed levy) as well as the Economic Development Authority budget at its Sept. 25 meeting.

The final budget hearing of the year is scheduled for Dec. 4, with final adoption of the 2018 budget slated for the Dec. 11 meeting.

2018 Budget Meetings

May 15 Review of assessed value data and Capital Improvement Plan
June 19 Review of 2017 State Legislative session and resident comment cards
July 17 City Council goals and EDA budget and tax levy discussion
August 28 City Manager recommended budget presented to City Council
Sept. 18 Finance Commission presentation of budget recommendations
Sept. 25 Adoption of Preliminary Budget and Tax Levy Documents Video
Nov. 13 Review and adoption of 2018 of water and sewer rates
Dec. 4 Final 2018 Budget Hearing
Dec. 11 Adoption of 2018 budget and tax levy