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Missing Child Alert Program

A Child Is Missing Alert Program
The Roseville Police Department has entered into an agreement with the A Child Is Missing Alert Program (ACIM), a nationwide, non-profit that helps law enforcement locate missing children, missing elderly persons (often with Alzheimer’s), college students, and missing persons mentally or physically challenged or disabled.

ACIM utilizes sophisticated computer mapping systems and trained technicians to place up to 1,000 alert phone calls in one minute to area residents and businesses where someone has gone missing. ACIM has been credited with over 800 recoveries.

Upon receipt of a missing person call, the Roseville Police Department activates ACIM. Once activated, a call is placed to AICM’s headquarters. That call initiates a rapid process of information gathering and use of sophisticated mapping systems. ACIM launches potentially thousands of calls within minutes with a message detailing the missing person’s description, last known whereabouts, and any other pertinent information. The message includes a Roseville Police Department contact number for use by anyone with information.

Register for Alerts
Calls are made to publicly listed phone numbers in a selected area and only during emergency notifications. Mobile numbers, unlisted numbers, broadband/voice-over IP numbers, or TDD / TTY devices can be added to be notified of an alert. To obtain additional information or to register to receive alerts, visit the ACIM website.

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