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Legitimate Tree Services

Caution: Do not hire tree services or tree removal contractors that come to your door, call you, or contact you through the mail unsolicited, without checking their licensing with the city. They may not be legitimate.
View a list of currently licensed tree removal contractors.

Tree removal contractors who are interested in obtaining a license to remove trees on private property in Roseville may apply online. For more information, contact Community Development at 651-792-7080 or follow this link:

Diseased & Hazardous Tree Program

The City of Roseville, under Ordinance 706, operates a Diseased and Hazardous Tree Program. The major aspects of this program are disease and hazardous tree management on public property, disease management on private property and to provide community outreach by responding to resident inquiries. Public property includes city-owned parks, easements and rights-of-way, and boulevards. A boulevard is defined as "that property between the edge of the street and the property line (right-of-way line)." In other words, the boulevard is that property between the edge of the curb, next to the grass, up to the property line and can vary from approximately 7 to 20 feet wide.

Boulevard Trees

Trees in the right of way or on the boulevard are considered boulevard trees and are the responsibility of the city. Residents may not plant a tree or shrub on the boulevard without first obtaining a permit from the city. In addition, residents may not trim, remove, spray, cable, attach any contrivance or apply insecticides / fungicides to any boulevard tree without first obtaining a permit from the city. Street Tree Permit form (PDF).

The City Tree Removal Agreement has been awarded to Precision Landscape and Tree. Precision Landscape and Tree will assist the City park staff with tree maintenance. Under the direction of city staff, they have been hired to remove diseased and or hazardous trees from public property: city parks and boulevards. In addition to working on public property, Precision Landscape and Tree is willing to give the residents of Roseville a special rate to remove infected ash trees on private property.  Ash trees can be difficult to remove depending the progression of the insect damage to the ash tree. Precision Landscape and Tree offers disease prevention services, including pesticide injections and treatments. 

Tree Removal On Public Land

The city will remove diseases or hazardous trees from the boulevards, or other city owned property. The stumps will be ground down to a few inches below the grass line, then black dirt and grass seed will be applied. Homeowners are asked to water the newly seeded areas.

Tree Removal on Private Property

It is the responsibility of the residents to remove trees on their own property that are diseased and/or a hazard. If a resident hires a contractor to remove a tree on private property, they must hire a tree removal contractor who has a current tree removal license from the City of Roseville. View a current list of licensed tree removal contractors.

A resident may choose to remove the tree themselves. In this case, the wood and brush may be taken to the Ramsey County Brush and Yard Waste site. Ramsey County is under a quarantine. Wood and brush may not be moved out of the county. When a tree's branches cross a property line, refer to these guidelines to determine what you can cut down: Winter Tree Maintenance and Tree Ownership (PDF).

Trimming Boulevard Trees

The Street Maintenance crew trims boulevard trees annually, mostly during the winter months. Proper pruning keeps the city’s trees healthy and strong and prevents possible damage from falling branches. Regularly trimming trees also helps maintain visibility along city streets. More information is available on our tree trimming webpage. The Street Maintenance crew will also trim broken branches and storm damaged trees as time and resources allow. 

Tree City USA

The City of Roseville has participated in the Tree City USA Program for many years. The Arbor Day Foundation sponsors the Tree City USA program along with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters. The Tree City USA program provides direction, technical assistance, public attention, and national recognition for urban and community forestry programs in thousands of towns and cities across the United States.

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